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03-19-04*  8  new pictures today.  Gallery 5 

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There are few animals that are as lovable as a dog, and few dogs that are as lovable as a Lab.  A first class retriever with loyal personality, gentle nature, and good looks to boot, lab's are out faithful companions and assistants, bringing us laughter, comfort and courage.

By the mid-1990s, more than 130,000 Labs were registered with the American Kennel Club, outdistancing the breed's closets rival, the Rottweiler, by nearly 40,000 dogs. And this in only registered labs.  Countless other Labradors inhabit the backyard kennels and living room carpets of the world. Registered Labrador's also rank at the top with the Canadian Kennel Club, while in Great Britain, where the breed as we know it today was developed, Queen Elizabetth  keeps a kennel of Labs.  The Lab is the top show and field dog in Britain.

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